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(Travel log for August 15th to August 31st 2022)

While on this life adventure across the United States and Canada I will be working my way through Davidji’s book Sacred Powers - The five secrets to awakening transformation. For my first 5 blogs I will be sharing my answers to the 25 Sacred Questions (5 per blog) Davidji suggestions you answer as you read his book, along with sharing our little family’s North American adventure.

According to Davidji these questions are intended to help awaken your “Sacred Power of Acceptance”. You ask yourself each question then place your hands on your heart, close your eyes and wait for the answers to come. I found it overwhelming to do all 25 questions at one time so I did 5 per day and each day also reviewed the previous days’ answers adding anything new that came up. Some answers surprised me, in a very profound way. I have learned a lot about myself and I invite you to answer the questions too.

We started our journey traveling from Bob’s Lake Ontario to the Rochester NY area. We took our first 2 nights easy and camped at Hamlin Beach State Park, on the south shores of Lake Ontario, which we give 5 stars rating.

Then in true gypsy fashion we “squatted” at friends in their backyard. Bob, Renee and Vi were amazing hosts. We had a great time and enjoyed an evening out at the only on the beach bar in Rochester, Marge’s Beach Bar. 5 stars again! It’s a great spot to listen to live music and watch the sunset.

Sacred Question number 1

Who am I… really? (Describe yourself in four sentences.)

I am really wild and free. I am kind, compassionate, loving and trusting. I am really full of life, adventure and curiosity. I am strong and independent. I am funny. I am the kind of person who is kind to myself.

We continued west from Rochester and spent a disappointing night at what we thought was a state run campground, Twin Lakes Recreation Area, Pennsylvania. Turns out it is now privately run on donations. No facilities were available due to…Covid? No running water but camp fires where permitted and the bathhouse/restrooms where closed, only port-a-potties available. We gave this campground a 1 star rating and didn’t leave a donation.

Our next stop was Punxsutawney Pennsylvania for brunch with Punxsutawney Phil. Then on to Fort Wayne Indiana. All the attractions we wanted to see were closed on Mondays. So we kept on going. But we did stop to let the pets out for a walk at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception and I took a look around. Check out the “Dancing” tree I photographed. We stopped for the night at Van Buren State Park where we had to have a cold shower in our outdoor tent due to a faulty igniter on our hot water tank. It was better than nothing, but I am a diva and I can go 1 day without a shower but not 2. Thank goodness it was hot and the freezing cold water felt good.

We spent a very pleasant night at a private campground in Iowa, Pleasant Creek Recreation and Campground and it was so relaxing. We had hot showers and fell asleep to the sound of The creek. The next morning feeling refreshed and clean we hiked some amazing wooded trails. And we may have gotten lost…. 5 star rating!

Sacred Question number 2

Who or what is leading my life? (List the driving forces in your life that influence your behaviours, daily activities, and relationships.)

I allow other peoples opinions and their expectations of me and who I should be. Jason’s dream and my desire for adventure and travel.

Next stop Riverside Iowa, the future birthplace of Captain Jame’s T. Kirk of the USS Enterprise. The next campsite was Palisades-Kepler State Park on the Cedar River in Iowa. WOW what a beautiful oasis to rest for the night. Once again the trials for hiking were incredible. Another 5 star location. Then it was off to Dyersville to the set of the movie Field of Dreams and a quick stop at the Basilica of St Francis of Xavier. I may not currently attend a church, I feel the universal flow of life force energy all around me, but stepping into a church still gives me goose bumps.

We spent the night at a really unique location on the Missouri River at Lower Brule South Dakota next to the Big Bend Dam. The sunset was a 5 star the campground a 4 star, my only complaint the bathroom needed a really,really good scrubbing.

As we drove west across South Dakota the landscaped changed drastically and the badlands appeared and took y breath away. We took the National Badlands Loop stopping at every scenic stop to take photos. We were able to walk into a section of the badlands and I’ve never experienced that profound level of silence when no one was talking. We even got to watch the prairie dogs scurrying from hole to hole.

Sacred Question Number 3

How do I want to define myself? (How do you wish you could introduce yourself to people?)

Hi my name is Janice and I’m fabulous. How May I help you?

Whispering Pines Campground Silver City, South Dakota was our happy place for 3 nights. 5 Star rating again. We took sometime off traveling and enjoyed the Black Hills area. We hiked the various trails around Lake Pactola, did some laundry, swam in the heated pool and ate trailer pizza.

Best decision this trip so far… to wait out the weekend and go to Mount Rushmore on a Monday. Driving up we felt a bit disappointed until we started walking right up it, amazing. We couldn’t stay long because there are no pets allowed on the trail and the kids were waiting in the truck. It was early morning and the day was already promising to be a scorcher. And then, of course we had to stop at the local winery for some wine tasting for me and brew tasting for Jason. I purchased an early self birthday gift, 4 bottles of unusual(change word) wine.

Sacred Question Number 4

What do I love to do? (What activities make you smile, laugh, feel satisfied, or deeply fulfilled? What makes your heart sing when you are doing it?)

I love to be creative ( painting, sketching and writing)and to help people find their own healing. I enjoy new experiences, adventures and travel. To cycle, walk, hike, read, relax, learn new things and meditate.

Next stop Devil’s Tower National state park and campground. The campground had modern washrooms but no showers or power hook up but the view was worth a 5 star + rating. Thankfully we have a generator to keep the trailer cool and a three way frig (12 volt, propane and 30 amp).

The next day was my 29th birthday, well 53rd, but it’s only a number. We started the celebration off by doing a 1 1/2 hour walk along the road with Quinn since there are no pets allowed on the official trails at Devil’s Tower. And then we did a 2 1/2 hour hike UP to the information center and around the base of the tower then back down to the campground. It was incredible watching climbers ascending the tower but that’s not for me.

We packed up our tiny home and off to Peter D’s RV Campground for the night as we started our way north into Montana. I ran into Walmart to grab a pint of ice cream as a special treat and Jason turned off the truck while waiting with the kids and guess what? It wouldn’t start back up… It eventual did and we got ourselves settled into the campground after a stressful hour.

The next day Quinn threw up in our bed and the truck wouldn’t start again.

As I did laundry, Jason got a boost and was off to get a new battery and an oil change. You know what, I’m so grateful all this happened at Peter D’s because hands down best campground we’ve stayed at. The sweetest couple own it and it was spotless. Only drawback no trees for shade and it was over 30 Celsius. But they deserve a 5+ rating. As we checked out Mrs. Peter D’s handed me 3 summer squash fresh from her garden. You can’t beat that kind of hospitality.

Sacred Question Number 5

How can I express it on a daily basis. (List both the big and small ways that you can do what you love to do.)

I can look around at my environment each day with fresh eyes and curiosity. I can take time for myself. I can work on a piece of art or brainstorm a new idea or write a blog. I can be open to new ideas.

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