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Mary McCandless - Cobourg Centre for Hypnosis, Teaching & Treatments


I have just experienced a remarkable journey into Intuitive Energy Restoration with one of my former Hypnosis students.  Janice Dirksen is one of the most gifted and inspiring people I have ever met.  As an Intuitive Chakra Repair Master she is able to help identify and remove what you have been carrying from the past as well as help to mend your aura.  Kind and compassionate, her clients have found someone they can trust to help them with their challenges, especially weight, through hypnosis and energy healing.  I highly recommend her.

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Nurse - Reiki Workshops

I had always been curious about Reiki and thought it would make a great addition to my skills as a nurse.  I was fortunate to take Reiki levels 1 through 3 with Janice, and found her to be a knowledgeable , compassionate and an intuitive teacher.  I would highly recommend Janice as a teacher not to mention that the positive benefits of Reiki have reached far beyond what I could have imagined.

Weight Management Client

I had never been under hypnosis and was somewhat skeptical that it would work for my self acceptance and weight loss goals.

Right from the very first session, I was more accepting of myself and no longer critical and I am able to focus on my end goal.  This continued on through my sessions and still today.

Janice was very calming and reassuring.  I loved how she incorporated my goals and experiences into the sessions.  You won't be disappointed!

Yoga Instructor


Overall, I've been feeling pretty positive.  It seems doors have been opening all over the place.  I've just taken a a yoga teachers position, a block from my house.  Tuned in intuitively to whatever is coming my way.  The session (MindScaping) was a positive experience for me, seems to have cleared a path.  LOLOLOL.  Thank you Janice!

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Debbie D.

I had hypnosis with Janice.  She made me feel comfortable showing parts of myself I have never shared with anyone.  Through the hypnosis and RTT® I learned that events of my past formed the basis of who I am.  Events that I had long since forgotten lived with me everyday in one way or another.  Janice taught me to navigate through all the feelings and emotions.  I can't thank her enough.

Marni - Creative Writer

Jan allowed me to free up a reluctance to do what I knew I could do but was feeling too repressed to let me do it;  I learned to give myself permission.

Jackie - Intuitive Energy Restoration Client


Having my Intuitive Energy Restoration session with Jan was amazing!  It was so very helpful and I felt the benefits very quickly.  I highly recommend Jan's work.

Jenn - Intuitive Energy Restoration Client


Jan gave me a lot of insight as to what I need to do to be happy and answered some of my questions that I've been wondering about myself and who I am.  She is awesome!! 

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