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The health benefits to Butting Out (Part 2)

Smoking isn't just a bad habit but a dangerous one that can cause a variety of health problems. Did you know that cigarettes contain approximately 600 ingredients and once lit, a cigarette will release over 7000 chemicals, 70 of which are known to cause cancer?

Timeline of health benefits to quitting smoking

The First 24 Hours

  • In as little as 20 minutes after your last cigarette, immediate health improvements begin. Your pulse rate and blood pressure will begin returning to normal.

  • By 8 hours, your blood oxygen levels start to normalize as the levels of carbon monoxide and nicotine drop by over half. High levels of carbon monoxide caused by smoking starve the brain of the vital oxygen required to properly function.

  • By 12 hours, your carbon monoxide levels have returned to normal. By just going 1 day without a cigarette, your risk of a heart attack decreases, and your heart gets a well-deserved break from working overtime delivering enough oxygen throughout your body. By smoking a pack of cigarettes, a day, your chances are twice that of a non-smoker of having a heart attack.

48 Hours

  • Now that you’ve gone 2 days without a cigarette, all the nicotine has left your body, and your ability to smell and taste are improving. Your lungs are detoxing mucus and other goop, and your nerve endings begin healing. Unfortunately, this is the point when withdrawal symptoms rear their ugly head, and a good time to have a hypnosis session. Hypnosis can help you relax and improve your mood along with removing any cravings or triggers.

  • I've got some ideas on how I can help you successfully get through the withdrawals. Would you like to heart about them? Just contact me at to set up a FREE consultation.

72 Hours

  • You will now notice that it’s easier to breathe because your bronchial tubes have started to relax. You’ll also enjoy an increase in overall energy.

2 To 12 Weeks

  • At this point, your circulation and oxygenation improve, making walking and exercising a whole lot easier and feeling less winded. Your risk of a heart attack decreases even further. And hurray, you’ve made it through the hardest part of withdrawal. Think of the money you’re saving!

1 Year

  • Woohoo, time to celebrate! Treat yourself to something special, you deserve it. Don’t forget that by now, your risk is half what it was a year ago, your breathing continues to become easier, and your overall health improves. And don’t forget to tell your life insurance agent you’re now 1 year smoke-free; this could decrease your payment.

5 Years

  • Your heart attack risk is now half that of a smoker, and your chances of a stroke and cervical cancer are now the same as a non-smoker. You’re also half as likely to get mouth, throat, esophageal, or bladder cancer compared to when you first quit smoking.

After 10 Years

  • Compared to a smoker, you’re now half as likely to die from lung cancer, along with the chances of getting larynx or pancreas cancer has dropped.

After 15 Years

  • After 15 years of being smoke-free, the chances you’ll get heart disease are the same as if you’d never smoked.

If you're struggling to quit smoking, consider seeking help. Hypnosis can be a useful tool to help you relax, improve your mood, and remove any cravings or triggers.

Contact me for a free consultation to discuss your customized STOP SMOKING FOR LIFE PLAN.

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