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What is Intuitive Chakra Repair?



  • Chakra Repair is FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. All content presented in the session and subsequent report, are for entertainment purposes only and should only be considered as general information.

  • Please note that each client has a unique session to his or her personal energy requirements. Results will vary from person to person.

  • Please note the names of those involved in this blog have been altered to protect their privacy.

I mentioned to a friend that I’d like to create a blog post about Intuitive Chakra Repair to promote it, but that I was struggling with what to say. She rolled eyes and responded: “The best way to explain it is to give them a real story. I had no idea what Intuitive Chakra Repair was before my session, and I trusted you. Please go ahead and share my story.”

My friend, Alice, had her first Intuitive Chakra Repair session late last year. Before doing Intuitive Chakra Repair with me Alice had been working on her relationship pattern of always being a “fixer” to her past and present partners. She was also aware this pattern had some kind of addiction issue, similar to her father. As an empath Alice descripted it as “something holding her stuck” in these negative patterns and holding her back from having healthy relationships. She agreed to try an Intuitive Chakra Repair session not knowing what to expect. Previously Alice had had several Reiki sessions with me and was completely into the WOO-WOO of what I do.

Yes I said WOO-WOO. I dabble in tarot cards; I manifest; I practice energy work (Reiki) on myself and others; I have crystals all over my body, home and office; I believe in the symbols I see in my everyday life; I receive visions and messages while meditating; I look to my dreams for guidance and during Intuitive Chakra Repair I have a conversation with your energy body, complete with dream like images, and symbols.

So why would someone want to have his or her energy read? Over time our chakras and aura layers (spiritual, mental, emotional and physical) may become out of balance due to physical (e.g., car accident) or emotional and mental (e.g., relationship issues) or spiritual trauma (e.g., unresolved karmic issues or emotions passed down generationally) and leave the body feeling less than “normal”. This may present as chronic low energy, stress, general apathy, or a chronic physical challenge or pain.

Intuitive Chakra Repair can remove stagnant and unnecessary blocks to ones energy body which have been accumulated during life’s travels and restores the body’s Chakra system and aura layers to “like new” condition. I intuitively communicate directly with your energy body and use a combination of Chakra Clearing and Balancing, Reiki, channelling, inner child work and crystals to create a unique session that restores the body’s Chakra system and aura layers to “like new” condition.

An Intuitive Chakra Repair session involves the client filling out an intake and having a quick zoom chat with me to go over it. For any follow-up or repeat sessions the pre-zoom chat isn’t always required. Then a time is set up for me to intuitively carry out the session. This energy treatment is done completely intuitively, meaning the client is not present, although the client may still feel heat, cold, tingling, muscle movement and emotional releases as the energy body moves back into balance and its natural well-being. After I’ve completed the session I type out a report and send it to the client then we meet a second time on zoom for a chat to review the report and answer any questions the client may have.

Alice had noted in her intake that her current partner triggered her in many ways that were similar to how her father would trigger her as a young child. She also noted that many of her partner’s mannerisms and habits were similar to her father also and this would often set her “off”. Alice found herself often scared, confused and angry for no reason by his actions and words. She also noticed she responded to her partner in similar ways as her Mother had responded to her father. Unhealthy ways. Like isolating herself, agreeing to things she didn’t want to do, so he’d be happy, or binge drinking with the attitude if you can’t beat him, join him. Alice said she had felt this in previous intimate relationships as well but this particular relationship was overwhelming.

During Alice’s session I discovered a Mother Wound(1) connection that was several generations old, which carried a karmic relationship(2) connection to her choice in partners. This was negatively influencing her intimate relationships. The karmic connection appeared as a cord connecting her to her present partner as a result of the Mother Wound. Cords restrict freedom and this is why Alice had felt trapped in her relationships and would quickly run away from them, only to jump right back into a new and more triggering relationship due to fears of abandonment. Karma made her do it!

The first thing to be removed was the Mother Wound. It appeared as a ghostly white fog of women, standing around Alice. I could sense each woman carried a tanged ball of hopelessness, guilt, shame, fear, anger and sadness. A bonfire appeared and one by one each woman, starting with Alice tossed her wound into it. When this was completed only Alice remained, the fire disappeared and her overall energy level increased immediately.

Next Alice agreed to remove the karmic connection by cutting the cord from her end but her partner’s energy refused to let it go. His response is normal, not everyone wants to feel free and the cord appeared to give him a sense of security and allowed him to be a drain on her energy. Every client’s method of releasing a cord is unique and after cutting the unwanted attachment with a sword Alice’s partner then pulled it in tight to him to protect it. He then disappeared. I then checked Alice’s over all energy level and due to a small amount of damage to the aura left by the cord cutting I immediately began Distant Reiki to re-energize her.

While Distance Reiki was up and running in the background, I did an inspection of Alice’s aura layers inside and out and repaired the damage caused by the removal of the cord. Then I checked each Chakra starting with the Soul Star Chakra and making my way to the Earth Star Chakra, along with all of the minor and macro chakras, making repairs and adjustments as needed. The session was completed in an hour and in Alice’s case Reiki was to continue on for a couple more hours.

Since having this session, Alice reports having more energy overall and is less triggered by her partner. When she is triggered, she is better equipped to diffuse her reactions avoiding unnecessary arguments. Alice also reported being able to sleep better and remember her dreams. She regularly participates in self-directed inner child meditation sessions that have allowed her to further explore her relationship with her father without fear. In general she has continued working on her overall personal development.

(1)According to Mother Wound Specialist Bethany Webster the Mother Wound is the pain of being a woman passed down through generations of women in patriarchal cultures. And it includes the dysfunctional coping mechanisms that are used to process that pain.

The Mother Wound Includes the Pain Of:

· Comparison: not feeling good enough.

· Shame: consistent background sense that there is something wrong with you.

· Attenuation: Feeling you must remain small in order to be loved.

· A persistent sense of guilt for wanting more than you currently have.

How the Mother Wound Manifests

· Not being your full self because you don’t want to threaten others.

· Having a high tolerance for poor treatment from others.

· Emotional care-taking.

· Feeling competitive with other women.

· Self-sabotage.

· Being overly rigid and dominating.

· Conditions such as eating disorders, depression and addictions.

(2)What is a Karmic Relationship?

· A relationship that starts with all-consuming passion but is difficult to maintain

o At first it feels magnetic, magical and meant to be

o Often confused with a soulmate relationship

· They are meant as a learning experience, a period of personal growth

o Not a forever relationship

· Can be a rollercoaster of emotions mixed with breakups

o Happiness one day, misery the next

o Always feels like something is just not right; you often feel like you are broken or at fault

· Typically a relationship between a co-depend and a victim (addict, narcissist)

o Abusive (mental, physical, emotional, spiritual)

o Gaslighting

· Not always romantic, but predominately

o Can also be a relationship between a parent and child, friends, employee and boss

· Can feel very comfortable because they are often what has played out between our parents(caregivers)

Purpose of a Karmic Relationship

· To break the cycle of bad behaviour from past lifetimes or generations

· Teaches you about the world and others

o If you don’t learn the lesson the first time you will repeat it in the next relationship, and so on….

How to end a Karmic Relationship

· Learn the lesson, cut the cord and grow from the relationship

o Focus on personal growth; self-worth and self-respect

o Setup healthy new boundaries


· Give yourself time alone to heal before rushing into another relationship

o LOOK for the big warning sign, “if it feels too good to be true, it probably is”

o Take your time getting to know the person and be more cautious this time, there’s no rush

· Learn to efficiently communication

o Effective communication is assertive, focused on positive change and empowering

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